Hypnosis   &   Music-therapy

A very touching testimony

“I came to consult Gabriel, for addiction to tobacco and alcohol, following the recommendation of a friend who transform after meeting him. At the exit of the first session, I felt a great lightness, a better being, and no longer want to smoke or drink alcohol. At my request he received me for a second session (I had finished with the addictions). I emerged from this very beautiful session, with a well-being, an inner peace, in total harmony with my body. A desire to live with strength! The care, with the singing bowls, was like a nectar of royal jelly. It's a real gift of energizing blessing, as if my body's battery had been boosted to a more power! Ten months after this treatment, I am still without alcohol (6L beer/week) and without cigarettes (30/days). I am 64 years old, I have tried many ways to stop my addictions. This is the first time that I have had such a result, without the days and weeks after the sessions being are difficult to live. That's cool!  Big thank you Gabriel very nice meet.”

Mr. Martin


My approach is integrative since 2006. I put all my skills, experience, kindness and tools at the service of your transformation. I also count on your desire for change to move forward. I don't need to know your life story. I work intuitively in collaboration with your unconscious via deep hypnosis and music therapy. My sessions free you from your blockages, your fears and your wounds. Once rid of these parasitic thoughts a better being settles. I'm a GPS and you're the driver. I will be happy to meet you and share with you my know-how in English, Arabic or French. Program your brain to get what you want. Regards. Gabriel